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                  HATTORI     Img9.gif    

                                    Handmade Masterpiece and Art of Chef's knives

  MIZUNO TANRENJO  Img675.jpg                                    

                            Traditional Master Forged Smiths in Sakai  

Img341.jpg Img223.jpg

 Mr. Itou Custom Kitchen Knife     R-2 Custom Damascus Knives with beautiful and unique custom made handle

UP!! November 26th               Just Arrived For Your Christmas Season!!
   Total 54 kinds of Attractive and Popular Mr. Itou New Collections

UP!!   Mr. Itou's Workshop Tour

Our report of Mr. Itou's workshop tour and about his knife making history and interesting information


          JCK Original         Img255.jpg  

 JCK Original brand: Superb Knife Collections, Value added Special knives at reasonable prices!

UP!!Dec 13th                New Batch Just Arrived !!
KAGAYAKI Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa Series

 UP!! November 26th   New Products!!
*Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Kurouchi White Steel #2 Series "Red-Sandal Wood Handle Version"

*Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Kurouchi White Steel #2 Wa Series Wa Petty, Wa Santoku, Wa Gyuto

*KAGAYAKI Aogami No.2 Clad Series

                      MASAMOTO     masamoto logo.jpg 

     Legendary famous knife maker, MASAMOTO is best name and best tool for real sushi chef

                  MISONO                      Img596.gif                                 

                    Old Tradition and New Technology produce these Masterpieces


             True masterpiece with the Echizen Uchihamono tradition and modern  technology     
UP!! September 19th      New Batch     Just Arrived !!
Ryusen Tsuchime Damascus Series

UP!! November 26th           New Products                    Just Released !!
                      Experience and proactive craftsmanship soul produce
                                                         Innovative and practical Japanese Traditional Forged Knives


          Hiromoto's highest quality line "Tenmi-Jyuraku Aogami Super Series and Gingami No.3 Series"
UP!! August 27th
Important Notice About Hiromoto Knives



    SHIKI  Innovative knife designer and manufacturer, Mr. Hiroaki Masui produces stylish knives

                   KANETSUGU     Img273.gif  

                                           Legendary "KATANA" Sharp 

                              Takeshi Saji              

              Traditional Hammer Forged Custom Knives from Japan's certified Traditional Craftsman
UP!! Dec 13th New Batch Just Arrived !
R-2 Custom Damascus Series "Stag Bone Handle"

UP!! Dec 9th New Batch Just Arrived !
VG-10 Custom Damscus Series Type II "Stag Bone Handle"
UP!! Nov 21st New Batch Just Arrived !
VG-10 Custom Damascus Series "Green Micarta Handle"

                              GLESTAIN  Img423.jpg                   

                                Unique Dimpled blade makes difference in cutting performance


                                                Chef's knives produced by a real Swordsmith

Img545.jpg Img91.jpg

   Chinese Cleavers Fine quality Chinese Cleavers from Hattori, KAGAYAKI, Suien, Misono, Sugimoto


 JCK KNIFE SET   Img349.jpg 

                        JCK Original Selections of Kitchen Knife Set

                                     SPECIALS   Img305.gif
UP! Dec 15thKiku Matsuda OU-31 Special Slicer Just Arrived !!
UP! Dec 12th SAZANAMI VG-10 Damascus Series Just Released !!

UP! Dec 10th Sanetsu VG-10 Multi Color Custom Damascus Line Just Arrived !!
UP! Dec 10th Master Saji Custom Damascus Chinese Cleaver
Just Arrived !!
UP! October 1st Master Saji New Concept R-2 Custom Damascus Series Just Arrived !!
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    From time to time, we will introduce New Products, Limited Editions, One of the kinds, Special Models, Close outs Etc on SPECIALS page.     

          KNIFE CASE  Img168.jpg

                  To Carry and protect your precious knives, stylish design Knife Case are available

jck combination whetstone.jpg

Magnolia Wooden Sayas

WHET STONES&Wooden Sayas     

Sharpening with Whet Stones keeps sharp edge     /     Magnolia Wooden Saya for protecting and storing knife

  JCK Gift Certificate & Gift Wrap

  For your special person and special gift purpose, JCK Gift Certificate & Gift Wrap are available for your shopping

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