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   With proud tradition and ancient technique of the Samurai Swordmaking, Japan has been producing top quality professional chef's knives for the decade.

   Unfortunately, most of these fine knives are not available in the regular knife shops and distribution in the overseas markets. It is therefore our mission at Japanese Chefs Knife. Com located at Seki-City of Japanese Cutlery and Swordmaking Capital, to bring you a wide range of the selected Japan's top brand knives for home cooking to a professional chef's use, directly to you from knife capital Seki City, Japan at special direct price.

     You will be amazed with the sharpness and the art of the cutting  performance of the Japanese chef's knives. We guarantee, once you  use Japanese chef's knife, you will never use other normal knives. We would like you to be a 100% satisfied customer like Mr. Paul Mone from Cheshire, CT, who wrote us:

        "Received the Yanagiba knife yesterday. I have only one word to describe this knife. Amazing!

         I have been a practitioner of Japanese sword arts for many years and I know and highly respect the quality of Japanese  swords. It is enlightening now to realize that the same incredible skill and expertise is used in their knife making as well.

         I took the Yanagiba knife to my parents house a couple towns away. My mother is from Italy and has been cooking for over 30 years.   She never quite understood my obsession for Japanese blades until last night. I let her use the Yanagiba to cut some fish.... she was speechless....  She must have one now... so I will be ordering another one shortly.

    Thank you for your great service and great blades. Paul Mone"

   Thank you for shopping with us and enjoy your cooking with legendary Japanese sharp knife.

                                                                                  Sincerely Yours        

                                                                        Koki Iwahara


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