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                           Takeshi Saji                    

    Traditional Forge-smith & Craftsman, Takeshi Saji was born in 1948 in another knife City, Takefu of Fukui Prefecture, where is famous for 700 years history of the Echizen Uchi-Hamono (Hammer Forged Knives).

    After graduating junior high-school, he has learned basic forging process and technique for 3 years at the local Blacksmith Training School. He has then engaged in knife making at the age of 18 under the strict supervision of his master & father, Harukichi Saji, the second generation. At the age of 30, he was told by his master that there is nothing more to teach him, and allowed to make his own knives as a succession of the third generation. In 1992, he was certified “Traditional Craftsmen” by M.I.T.I.  

    With his over 45 years of knife making experience, technique and unique idea&design, his original and traditional forged custom knives are well recognized in Japanese market, and now he is one of most well-known and popular Forge-Craftsmen from Takefu City.

    As you see many of Saji Custom Hunting Knife collections on our another web site JKD, his knives are always unique and have the traditional taste.

    Since 3 or 4 years ago, Master Saji has been devoting more time and energy for making custom kitchen knives.  With his originality and ingenuity, his selections are gradually expanded. Like his Custom Hunting Knife Collections, each of Saji Custom Kitchen Knives has unique looks and characteristics. 

    Also, Saji Custom Hammer Forged Kitchen Knives have high hardness, powerful looks and beauty. Plus, Master Saji’s unique idea and design makes completely different tastes from other existing factory made knives.

    Harmony of tradition and sensational design, wide selections of Saji kitchen knives are now available!!


     Saji VG-10 Custom Damascus Series

  Saji VG-10 Custom Damascus Series Type II

   Saji New Design Custom Damascus Series

Saji Core-Less Custom Damascus Series

UP!!Dec 13th New BatchJust Arrived !!

  Saji R-2 Custom Damascus Series

Saji Japanese Traditional Style Knife Series
UP!! Jan 26th        Just Arrived !!
Aogami Super Black Forged Custom Knife

                     Saji Specials

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