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                                    Hattori KD Series

"An Ultimate Masterpiece of the Craftsmanship" This is the only word to describe these KD series Hattori custom  made Chef's  knives for the discriminating professional chef. 

   Without any compromises, Traditional Craftsman, Mr. Hattori has devoted all his energies, times, experiences and techniques to  create these beautiful Chef's knives, using ancient forging technique of the swordmaking. Each blade is hand forged fromCowry X  core steel with Nickel Stainless Damascus steel. Cowry X is the tough powdered metal alloy specially developed by Daido  Steel  Company for high performance cutting tools. It contains high carbon (3%) and high Chromium (20%) with 1%  Molybdenum  and 0.3% Vanadium, and can be heat treated to HRC63 to 67 without brittleness.     

 Sturdy black linen Micarta handle enhanced with nickel silver bolster and rivets, fits perfectly with your hand and is  water  and shrinkage proof.  Comes with Japanese Kiri wooden gift box.

                               Edge Shape                     Information For LeftHander


                    Double Bevel Edge 50/50               


All models are suitable  for both Right hander and Left hander's use 



Important Notice* 

   The production capacity of every Hattori knife is very limited dueto his time consuming detailed hand works, especially for the KD series CowryX custom kitchen knives, that are 100% hand made by Mr. Ichiro Hattori from the individual heat treatment and hammer forging to the grinding and polishing. He prepares very small batch at one time and proceeds each step very slowly, so it will take about 60 days to finish one batch.

   However, the demand is far exceeding what he can make, that is creating many backorders now with very long waiting list since April, 2008,,

   Mr. Hattori is 73 years old now and having the health problem since year 2010. He is still working hard from early morning on each day. However making KD kitchen knives requires tremendous energy, cares and time-consuming process. Additionally, his health condition is affecting very much for making KD kitchen knives too.

   Because of these serious facts, Hattori had to stop making KD Kitchen Knives until he will be completely ready again after finishing small quantity of final batch in this year. We are very sorry and we really regret this difficult situation.

   Recently Hattori is spending more time for teaching his knife making and techniques to young craftsmen in Japanese Knife Capital g Seki Cityh.

   We really wish his good health and good life. And we really hope Hattori can make more of fine masterpieces which Hattori enjoys and devotes for his life, and his strong wishes (his special talented disciples will be great craftsmen as himself) will come true in future.

   Thank you very much for your patience and understanding the situation about Hattori KD kitchen knives.

    KD Blade Damascus Pattern

KD Handle (Black Linen Micarta Handle)

The Cowry X Steel blank is hand drilled and hammered repeatedly to create beautiful Damascus design.

 KD30 Petty 135mm
             KD-30      Petty 135mm Total Length:245mm   BladeThickness:2mm  
Total Weight:86g

Sold Out

  KD30L Petty  150mm  Longer and narrower blade width KD Petty150mm is designed as Utility Knife
KD-30L Petty 150mm Total Length:265mm   BladeThickness:2mm   Total Weight:84g

 Sold Out 

KD31 Santoku 180mm
KD-31 Santoku 180mm Total Length:305mm   BladeThickness:2.5mm
Total Weight:212g

Sold Out

 KD34 Gyuto 270mm

KD-32 Gyuto 210mm Total Length:340mm   BladeThickness:2.5mm Total Weight:215g

Sold Out

KD-33 Gyuto 240mm Total Length:365mm   BladeThickness:3mm
Total Weight:252g
Sold Out 
KD-34 Gyuto 270mm Total Length:410mm   BladeThickness:3mm
Total Weight:328g
Sold Out



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