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                                            JCK Special Set  

  For your purchasing of special gift or your own knife set, we have created the JCK Special Sets selected from our wide collections. Each set comes with their original boxes and JCK special gift wrapping. We know each customer's demand varies and each of the item has great characteristic, but hope one of the selected knife set will meet with your specific need for yourself or as a gift to your special person. 


 JCK Special Set    "Stylish Home Chef Set"

Hattori Forums FH-1 Parer 70mm          Hattori FH Series

Misono UX10 No.781 Santoku 180mm    Misono UX10 Series
(Each item comes with Presentation Boxes)

  Stylish Home Chef Set comes with "JCK/Hattori/Knife Forums Original FH-1 Parer 70mm" and "Misono company's highest quality Series UX10 No.781 Santoku 180mm".  We can recomend both Maker's high level of quality control and product policy.  Parer knife for your small food preparation and multi-purpose Home Knife Santoku knife set. This is the high-end quality chef knife set you can proud to own and use for years.

Special Price 

$281.00 Available Now

 JCK Special Set "First Japanese Knife Set"

                                           (For begining user of Japanese knife)

Misono No.531 Petty 120mm       Misono Molybdenum Steel Series 

Misono No.581 Santoku 180mm  Misono Molybdenum Steel Series

Misono No.512 Gyuto 210mm     Misono Molybdenum Steel Series
(Each item comes with Presentation Boxes)

 Thin edge of Japanese Kitchen Knives provide sharp edge and great cutting performance. But they are some how more delicate than German kitchen knives. If it will be your first time to purchase and own Japanese kitchen knives, we would like to recomend the knives of easy maintenances, rust resistance, easier re-sharpening, and yet durable.  
  Basic and Standard design, Misono Molybdenum Steel Series. These are Misono company's affordable price range line, but famous Misono's high level of quality policy is not ignored.  We have selected popular and most essential models and sizes of Petty, Santoku, Gyuto blade for this "First Japanse Knife Set".

  We are sure this knife set will make your good step to Japanese knives.

 Special Price  $216.00 Available Now

JCK Special Set "First Japanese Knife Set II"

JCK Original KG-1 Petty 125mm JCK Original KAGAYAKI Basic Series

JCK Original KG-3 Santoku 180mm JCK Original KAGAYAKI Basic Series

JCK Original KG-6 Gyuto 210mm or KG-7 Gyuto 240mm JCK Original KAGAYAKI Basic Series

 Once they acquire a first Japanese kitchen knife and start using it, they are first surprised of the amazingly sharp edge and super cutting performance, and say they never use other ordinal knives, and regret they should have used Japanese knife earlier. Japanese kitchen knife will serve you for a long period of time as your great cooking partner, if you choose fine quality knife and give a proper care for the maintenance. Generally, many of the experts in the knife industry say one knife can be used for 5 to 10 years depending on how frequently it is used and how it is maintained.

 We believe selecting the good made knives are very important for your cooking life, but it is hard for the beginner to decide which knife is the best to start with. Therefore, we would like to recommend our original brand KAGAYAKI Basic VG-1 Stainless steel Series for the people who are seeking for first Japanese knives of the rust-resistance stainless steel blades (also recommended to the serious users, even for professionals too)

 It features an easy maintenance, rust resistance, high cutting performance, longer edge retention and durability.  KAGAYAKI Basic knives can be your first and the best cooking tools for its high level quality and craftsmanship.

It comes with 3 basic knives to meet with your basic cooking needs. Your choice of the Gyuto 210mm ( 8 inch blade) or Gyuto 240mm (9.4 inch). Both are popular sizes for cutting meat, and you can select your favorite size to build your own knife set.

Special Price  $205.00 (with KG-6 Gyuto 210mm)
Special Price  $230.00 (with KG-7 Gyuto 240mm)
 Avaiable Now
Selecting the size of Gyuto

 JCK Special Set    "Carbon Steel Lovers Set"

Hiromoto Aogami Super TJ-35AS Santoku 190mm                    Hiromoto Aogami Super Series

Misono Sweden Steel No.113 Gyuto 240mm (Dragon Engraving)   Misono Sweden Steel Series
(Each item comes with Presentation Boxes)

  Carbon Steel Blades.  Some poeple love but some people might not prefer. Unlike Stainless steel blade kitchen knives, carbon steel blade gets rust easily and requires extra maintenance to prevent rust problem. But stil some people prefer carbon steel blade kitchen knives. They know "Why ?" 

  Hiromoto Aoami Super TJ-35AS Santoku 190mm has 3 layers blade construction (Clad). Hiromoto Aogami Super Series items are one of our popular items for carbon steel blade lovers. Aoami Super is the greatest carbon steel material (Richest chemical composition), and the sharpness and edge retention of Hiromoto Aogami Super items are highly admired. Since outer layers are made of soft stainless steel, only blade core part (Aogami Super) has possibility to get rust or discolored.(It means not so difficult maintenance).

  Misono Sweden Steel Series is Misono company's long seller items.They first started the production wth this Series of kitchen knives.  Misono Sweden Steel Series come with Japanese design of Flower or Dragon Engraving. (No.113 Gyuto 240mm comes with Dragon Engraving.  Petty and Boning Knife are not engraved). 

  Advantage of Carbon Steel blades are sharpness and edge retention, easier re-sharpening. 

  Highly recomended to Carbon Steel Lovers !!


Special Price  $255.00 SOLD OUT

JCK Special Set "Carbon Steel Lovers Set II"

Type 1.
JCK Original CarboNext KC-3 Santoku 180mm
@JCK Original KAGAYAKI CarboNext Series@@

Hiromoto Aogami Super TJ-20AS Gyuto 240mm@Hiromoto Aogami Super Series@

  Numbers of our customers really love the Carbon steel knives, because they make outstanding cutting performance and also longer edge retention. Many advance users love the discriminating taste of cutting performance with Carbon steel knives and its ease of re-sharpening.

  Among those Carbon Steel Lovers, Hiromoto Aogami Super and JCK Original KAGAYAKI CarboNext are always the top-selling series, so we have  selected the best combo set from these great Carbon series.

  KAGAYAKI CarboNext knives are made of the next generation carbon steel that features high levels of sharpness, edge retention and ease of re-sharpening, which are what the Carbon steel blade should be, but unlike other carbon steel knives, it has better rust resistant ability than normal Carbon steel blade knives.

  Master Nagaofs finely forged Hiromoto Aogami Super knives also make easy maintenance and good rust resistance, as the Aogami Super core is sandwiched with soft stainless steel (San Mai Clad construction), although the blade core may get rust and discolor.

  We recommend both Hiromoto Aogami Super and JCK Original KAGAYAKI CarboNext with confidence to all the Carbon Steel Lovers. Both knives are made for easier maintenance than many other Carbon steel knivesm so it will be a good chance to try and enjoy the advantages of Carbon steel knives!!

  Type 1.
JCK Original CarboNext KC-3 Santoku 180mm
@JCK Original KAGAYAKI CarboNext Series@@

Hiromoto Aogami Super TJ-20AS Gyuto 240mm@Hiromoto Aogami Super Series@

Special Price  $250.00 SOLD OUT

JCK Special Set "Carbon Steel Lovers Set II"
Type 2.
Hiromoto Aogami Super TJ-35AS Santoku 190mm
@Hiromoto Aogami Super Series

JCK Original CarboNext KC-6 Gyuto 240mm@JCK Original KAGAYAKI CarboNext Series@@

Type 2.
Hiromoto Aogami Super TJ-35AS Santoku 190mm
@Hiromoto Aogami Super Series

JCK Original CarboNext KC-6 Gyuto 240mm@JCK Original KAGAYAKI CarboNext Series

 Special Price  $225.00 SOLD OUT

JCK Special Set "Super Star Head Chef Set"

Hattori Forums FH-3 Petty 150mm@ Hattori Forums FH Series@

Hattori Forums FH-7 Gyuto 240mm@Hattori Forums FH Series

Hattori Forums FH-13 Sujihiki 270mm@Hattori Forums FH Series

In any fields, there is a person who is outstandingly talented and dazzlingly skilled that deserves to be called "Super Star". If we were to select one craftsman from Seki knife industry, we will difinitely select Master Hattori with confidence.

  In a long career of the professional knife maker in Seki, Master Ichiro Hattori continues to devote all his energy and expertise to every detail of his knives without any compromises. Every Hattori made knife is a masterpiece of the high-end quality and super excellent cutting performance.

  Hattori FH High-End Chefs Knives are made by top of the craftsmen for top of the professional chefs. Feel the difference and become a super star!

                  Special Price  $600.00 Available in Stock

JCK Special Set    "Stylish Premium Chef Set" 

JCK Original KAGAYAKI VG-10 KV-2 Petty 150mm @JCK Original KAGAYAKI VG-10 Series

JCK Original KAGAYAKI VG-10 KV-6 Gyuto 240mm
@JCK Original KAGAYAKI VG-10 Series

  We realize it is important for a professional chef and serious home cooking user to choose the knives that can be dependable for frequent use, so we have prepared the premium 2-pc. chef set of the superb solid VG-10 blades. It is a durable high carbon Stainless & Cobalt steel you can depend on and use for a long time with a confidence.

  KAGAYAKI VG-10 knives are one of the great choices for professionals and serious users with high quality standard and high level of craftsman spirits. Especially if you prefer easy maintenance of stainless steel blade knives, these stylish knives will be the one for you. KAGAYAKI VG-10 knives will brighten your cooking life and make premium cooking time.

                    Special Price  $230.00 Avaiable Now

 JCK Special Set    "Vegetable & Fruits Lovers Set"

Misono No.534 Paring 80mm            Molybdenum Steel Series

Hattori Forums FH-3 Petty 150mm   Hattori Forums FH Series

Hattori HD-4N Nakiri 165mm                  Hattori HD Series 
 (Each item comes with Presentation Boxes)

  Fruits and Vegetables are great for your healthy life.  These selected knives are just designed for Vegetables and Fruits Lovers.  Misono's pretty and quality Paring (No.534), plus Hattori's fine works of FH-3 Petty150mm as Utility Knife, square shape of Hattori HD-4N Nakiri (designed for cutting vegetables) that is from our best selling,beautiful Damascus layered Hattori HD Series.

  Once you love your own knives, cooking time will be dramatically changed to the great joy.

  Have a great cooking and happy cutting !!

Special Price  $325.00    SOLD OUT


JCK Special Knife Set

Master Home Chef Setmasterhomechefa.jpgmasterhomechefc.jpg

 JCK Original  "Master Home Chef Set"                                                                                     1. Hiromoto  TJ45AS Petty150mm from Hiromoto         Tenmi Jyuraku AogamiSuper Series   2. Hattori      HD5 Santoku170mm  from Hattori            HD Series                                              3. Misono     No.712 UX10 Chef 210mm from Misono   UX10 Series                                         
(Each item comes with Presentation Boxes)


JCK Special Price for Master Home Chef   $407.00

The "Master Home Chef Set"comes with JCK Best Seller knife Hattori "HD5 Santoku", that is the most popular muliti purpose  knife and "Misono No.712 UX10 Chef 210mm", that is the right size for your home use.  In addition to these great knives, We  have chosen Petty120mm from Hiromoto TenmiJyuraku Series (Clad core is AogamiSuper HRC63). 

  For those who really love cooking, and for who need to quality kitchen knives for taking cooking class, even for experienced pro chef, we guranttee JCK Master Home Chef Set to satisfy your cooking life. 

JCK Special Knife Set
      Master Home Chef Set
                       $407.00 SOLD OUT 

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