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                      Hattori HD Series     " VERY HOT "


   Traditional technology has combined with modern material for high cutting performance. Available in 13 different blades to meet  with every cutting task.  Made of  VG10 core cutting edge forged with 63 layered Nickel Damascus  stainless steel  blade. VG10 is the newly developed High Carbon (0.95 to1.05%)  Molybdenum (0.90 to1.20%) and Vanadium  (0.10 to 0.30%) stainless  steel plus 1.30 to 1.50% Cobalt added  to  increase strength. Rockwell hardness 60 to 61 HRC.  

 The beautiful Damascus blade is hand engraved with Ichiro Hattori name in Kanji  and permanently welded with stainless  steel  bolster. Full tang black Pakkawood handle with three stainless steel rivets. Comes with fancy gift box.


 Remarks about Hattori HD Series    

   You might see some HD numbered Damascus knives are being sold with other blade marking and box. Please note that JCK has originally named it HD Series that stands for Hattori Damascus Series. In fact, Mastercraftsman, Mr.Hattori personally inspects each knife very carefully, and re-work wherever necessary to meet with Hattori's quality standard. Only the knives that have passed his quality standard will be hand engraved with his name logo. When you see his name on the blade and box, it is your assurance of genuine Hattori quality.  Notice to Hattori HD series customers.

Important Notice about the delivery situation on Hattori HD Series
Unfortunately, we now have a delivery problem, due to the slow and limited production with the extra works at Hattori. Currently, many of Hattori HD knives have been sold out, and require longer lead time to get them back in stock.
  We really regret there are still some models that are uncertain of the next available dates, once sold out.
  We will continue to make every effort to gain smooth delivery on all models, but please understand and accept some unexpected delays of delivery on some models.

  We have a service to keep you in waiting list and notify you as soon as it becomes available, if you email us with your name, email address and model numbers.
  We apologize again for the difficult delivery situation of Hattori HD knives.
  Thank you very much for your attention and patience in advance.

UP!! May 22nd, 2015
Important Notice about the latest situation of Hattori HD series Chef knives.

   We regret for the continuous delivery problem we have been facing on the Hattori HD series Damascus chef knives for last 2 years. Unfortunately, we were unable to get enough supply to comply with the increasing demands due to the existing workers' aging and the lack of skilled workers. As the matter of fact, this is a serious problem for all the knife manufacturers in Japan, and they are struggling every day to maintain the both levels of the quality and production capacity..

   Although we and Hattori have been making every effort to keep this best selling HD series at the reasonable prices, it came to the situation that we have to raise our prices. We are very sorry for this price increase, but hope it will help improve the current difficult situation in the long run.

   Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support.

We can also recommend following high-quality Damascus knives below among our selections.

*JCK Gekko Tsuchime Damascus Series
One of our best-selling Damascus Knives, the gGekkoh, is still available and popular. It features a beautiful and unique Tsuchime Damascus blade with high durability, and a well-balanced Western Style Handle.

*JCK INAZUMA Damascus Wa Series
Equally beautiful Tsuchime Damascus knives, but with a Japanese Traditional Style gWah Handle. Lighter weight Japanese Taste INAZUMA Damascus knives.

*Kanetsugu Saiun Damascus Series
The beautiful VG-10 Damascus blade matched with a highly durable Linen Micarta Handle. Master Kawamurafs original convex edge guarantees the sharpness and cutting performance of Kanetsugu knives.

*JCK SAZANAMI Damascus Series
The words that describe JCK Sazanami Damascus knives best are: Simple and moderate design combined with high quality control.

*SHIKI Damascus Knife Collections
Beautiful Damascus blades with hand-made beautifully designed handles.  SHIKI knives are unique and of a quality that other makers cannot achieve easily, all thanks to Master Masuifs experience, skill and technique in knife making and handle making.

*Hiromoto Tenmi Jyuraku Damascus Series
78 years old experienced craftsman, Master Nagaofs finely forged beautiful Damascus knives. Master Nagaofs philosophy is making both practical and amazingly sharp knives. As a result, Hiromoto Damascus knives are not only beautiful, but also have the great sharpness and edge retention of practical knives.

                               Edge Shape                     Information For LeftHander


                    Double Bevel Edge 50/50               

HD-4 Boning 150mm is designed for Right Hander's use.

All models (Except HD-4 Boning 150mm)are suitable  for both Right hander and Left hander's use. 

About Knife Dimensions (Where we measure for the knife ?)

HD 2 Petty135mm


Petty 105mm
(4.1 inch)

Cutting edge length: 105mm Total Length: 210mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 25mm
Handle Length:100mm
Total Weight: 79g






Available Now


Petty 135mm
(5.3 inch)

Cutting edge length: 135mm Total Length: 240mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 28mm
Handle Length:100mm
Total Weight: 88g








Petty 150mm
(5.9 inch)

Cutting edge length: 155mm Total Length: 260mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 32mm
Handle Length:100mm
Total Weight: 99g






Available Now

HD3G Gyuto 150mm

HD3G Gyuto 150mm which has wider blade and heavier  weight than HD 3 Petty 150mm, shape is same as Gyuto.  Compact size Gyuto is now on Sale.


(5.9 inch)

Cutting edge length: 155mm Total Length: 270mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 35mm
Handle Length:110mm
Total Weight: 109g






Available Now


 HD-4(D) Boning Knife 150mm(Honesuki)
hd-4 honesuki.jpg

HD-4 Boning 150mm has double bevel edge 80/20. Most of Boning knife (Honesuki) have this bevel edge shape.Designed for Right Hander.

HD-4D Boning 150mm has double bevel edge 50/50 which is designed for both Right and Left Handers.


(5.9 inch)

Cutting edge length: 150mm Total Length: 270mm  Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Blade Width: 40mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 153g


Available Now


(5.9 inch)

Cutting edge length: 150mm Total Length: 270mm  Blade Thickness: 2.8mm
Blade Width: 40mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 173g






Available Now


 NEW !! HD-4N Nakiri 165mm

Square shape Nakiri blade is designed for especially cutting Vegetables. 50/50 double bevel edge.

HD-4N Nakiri 165mm
(6.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 165mm Total Length: 260mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 46mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 203g





HD-5 Santoku 170mm

HD-5 Santoku 170mm
(6.6 inch)
Cutting edge length: 170mm Total Length: 295mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 46mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight:185g






 HD 8  Gyuto240mm (Chef 240mm)
HD-6 Gyuto180mm
(7 inch)
Cutting edge length: 180mm Total Length: 305mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 44mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 179g







 HD-7 Gyuto 210mm
(8.2 inch)
Cutting edge length: 210mm Total Length: 335mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 46mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight:192g







 HD-8  Gyuto 240m
(9.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 370mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 50mm
Handle Length:125mm
Total Weight: 243g








 HD-9 Gyuto 270mm
(10.6 inch)
Cutting edge length: 270mm Total Length: 405mm  Blade Thickness: 3.2mm
Blade Width: 53mm
Handle Length:130mm
Total Weight: 323g








HD-10 Gyuto 300mm
(11.8 inch)
Cutting edge length: 300mm Total Length: 435mm  Blade Thickness: 3.4mm
Blade Width: 58mm
Handle Length:130mm
Total Weight: 356g






Available Now

HD 11 Carving 240mm
hd-11 carving 240.jpghd-11 carving240mm .jpg
HD-11 Carving240mm
(9.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 375mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 31mm
Handle Length:125mm
Total Weight: 201g






 Available Now

 HD 12S Sujihiki 240mm
 HD-12S Sujihiki240mm
(9.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 360mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 38mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 185g








HD 12 Sujihiki270mm
HD-12 Sujihiki270mm
(10.6 inch)
Cutting edge length: 275mm Total Length: 405mm  Blade Thickness: 3.2mm
Blade Width: 41mm
Handle Length:125mm
Total Weight: 246g








HD 13 WesternDeba240mm (Thick and heavier blade for cutting Chickens and fish)
HD-13 WesternDeba240mm
(9.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 370mm  Blade Thickness: 4.5mm
Blade Width: 55mm
Handle Length:120mm
Total Weight: 420g