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                            Chinese Cleaver
Hattori Forums FH Series Chinese Cleaver

  Chinese Cleaver Knife was originated in China, and perfected by Japanese craftsmen as  "Chuka Bocho".  It has a huge and heavy  large square shape blade with sturdy handle,  and is very versatile cooking knife for every cutting task. Its heavy and large blade  is  suitable for chopping chickens, mincing meats and vegetables, and even for scrappingA must for Chinese food lovers.

Edge Shape    Information For Left Hander

Double Bevel Edge 50/50               

(Suien SSC-01, KAGAYAKI KG-20, KG-25,KG-30  have Double Bevel Edge 70/30) 


 Most ofChinese Cleaver items with Double Bevel Edge 50/50 which are suitable for both Right hander and Left hander's use

 Left Handed version are available for SSC-01, KG-20, KG-25,KG-30  Ask for the Price 



                             JCK  KAGAYAKI Chinese Cleaver 

KG-20 Small Size Chinese Cleaver

  "JCK Kagayaki" Series Chinese Cleavers (Chuka-Bocho) that are reasonably priced for the first users.Chinese Cleaver is not so common for home cooking, so the production was limited and priced high, However, it is a practical knife for slicing and chopping, than you imagine from the size and shape of the blade. 

  JCK has worked for quantity production to reduce the costs, and is bringing you a chance to get a quality Chinese Cleaver at an affordable price. High Carbon Steel blade ( Solid Japanese HAGANE) with Rose wood handle. Available in two sizes of blade

(7 inch)


 Small Size Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 180mm Blade Width 86mm    Blade Thickness 2mm  Total Weight 306g    






Available Now
KG-25, KG-30 Chinese Cleaver

(8.6 inch)
   Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 86mm    Blade Thickness 2.5mm  Total Weight 380g


Available Now
(8.6 inch)


  Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 86mm    Blade Thickness 3mm  Total Weight 474g    






Available Now
  KG-40 Chinese Cleaver (Stainless steel Version)

KAGAYAKI Chinese Cleaver now have new model with the good rust resistance and easy maintenance of Stainless steel blade. Blade is made of AUS-8 (Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless steel)
(8.6 inch)


  Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 87mm    Blade Thickness 3mm  Total Weight 518g    






Available Now

 NEW!! KG-17 Chinese Cleaver 220mm

We have worked with Master Gotou for making this high-grade, professional Chinese Cleaver. As other of KAGAYAKI Basic Series Knives(made by Master Gotou), this Chinese Cleaver has solid VG-1 High Carbon Stainless steel blade.
Reliable Master's fine stainless steel Chinese Cleaver is now Available.


Chinese Ceaver 220mm
(8.6 inch)

Cutting edge length: 220mm Total Length: 325mm  Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Blade Width: 107mm
Handle Length:100mm
Total Weight: 563g

Special Price
Available Now

Suien Chinese Cleaver (Mahogany Wood Handle Version)

Our popular Chinese Cleaver gSuienh is now available with unique wooden texture of Mahogany wood handle.

However, we regret to inform that Maker Suien discontinued Rosewood handle version due to unstable delivery situation of the wood material. Still gRosewood Handle Versionh is being available with last 8Pcs. Both handle version have unique and attractive texture, characteristics. You can choose the favorite one at your preference now.

Mahogany Wood Handle


  Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 107mm    Blade Thickness 2.6mm  Total Weight 450g    






Available Now

Suien Chinese Cleaver (Rosewood Handle Version)

Suien Virgin Carbon Steel balde Chinese Cleaver HRC62 to 63. Fine quality Rose Wood is 
the Suien Handle Material.

 SCC-01 (8.6 inch)
Rosewood Handle


  Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 107mm    Blade Thickness 2.6mm  Total Weight 460g    







 NEW!! Suien VG-10 Chinese Cleaver (Mahogany Wood Handle Version)

Due to many requests from users of Suien Chinese Cleaver, Maker Suien finally finished VG-10 Stainless Steel version. HRC60 to 61. This is the limited production and available with limited quantity.
 SV10-01 (8.6 inch)
Mahogany Wood Handle


  Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 107mm    Blade Thickness 2.4mm  Total Weight 470g    






 Available Now

 UP!!                           SHIKI Chopper

SHIKI Chopper(Special Purpose Knife) AUS-8 Blade, Tagayasan Wood Handle

  Thin edge Japanese knives are now becoming much more common and popular on the knives market. However, we are also often asked what knife is most suitable for hard use, as Japanese blades are very thin and delicate.

  In Western-style cooking, people often need to cut hard foods (for example, chicken and fish, including their bones).

  This new knife has a simple name- gChopperh given to it by the innovative knife designer and craftsman Master Masui (President of Hiro Knives Company. SHIKI Knife Selections). Nowadays, most makers have already stopped making special purpose knives such as these. The two main reasons are the small demand for special purpose knives and the decreasing number of craftsmen. Master Masui decided to make Choppers to rebalance this market situation, and of course he did not forget to add his own style and skills to the blend.

  The nicely hand-rounded Tagayasan Natural Wood Handle offers a comfortable grip and natural style. The solid AUS-8 Stainless steel blade makes ease of maintenance, rust resistance and durability.

  We are proud to introduce these special purpose knives from the Shiki brand series, made by the innovative designer and craftsman Master Masui. We believe that many of our customers who are seeking a suitable knife for cutting chicken and fish or for other hard chopping tasks, will be extremely pleased. SHIKI unique Choppers Now Available.


AUS-8 Blade
Tagayasan Wood Handle
 Chopper 110mm

Total length 230mm Blade Width 52mm    Blade Thickness 3mm  Total Weight 246g






SHIKI Chopper, 440C Clad Blade, Bubinga Wood Handle

For those who demand higher cutting performance, a higher-grade stainless steel, 440C stainless steel-clad blade version is also available with a light, natural wood colored gBubingah Handle.


440C Clad Blade
BubingaWood Handle
 Chopper 110mm

Total length 230mm Blade Width 52mm    Blade Thickness 3.5mm  Total Weight 267g






 Available Now

Sugimoto Chinese Cleaver SGMT No.7
sugimoto-chinese cleaver no.7.jpg

 Sugimoto Chinese Cleaver (Chuka Bocho) has been highly admired in Japanese market.
 About 70% of Pro Chef at Chinese Food Restaurant in Japan use Sugimoto Chinese Cleavers.
Virgin Carbon Steel Blade which has HRC62 to 63. Round shape wooden handle makes perfect grip.

(8.6 inch)
 Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 112mm           Blade Thickness 4mm                   Total Weight 554g






Available Now


sugimoto-chinese cleaver no.6.jpg
Standard size and weight. Sugimoto's long seller Chinese Cleaver

(8.6 inch)
 Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 112mm Blade Thickness 4mm        Total Weight 448g






Available Now

SGMT No.22
Heavier and thick blade SGMT No.22 Chinese Cleaver is designed for cutting bones and 
hard surface foods
(7.8 inch)
 Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 200mm Blade Width 112mm Blade Thickness 6mm        Total Weight 795g






Available Now


Mizuno Tanrenjo Chinese Cleaver 

Hontanren Series Chinese Cleaver # 6   (Virgin Carbon Steel Blade)

(8.8 inch)

Chinese Cleaver # 6

Blade length 225mm BladeWidth 109mm    Blade Thickness 2.8mm    Total Weight 482g 


Available Now
Hontanren Series Chinese Cleaver # 6
 (Solid Pure Sweden Stainless Steel Blade, Ebony wood handle)


(8.8 inch)

 Chinese Cleaver # 6

Blade length 225mm Blade Width 109mm    Blade Thickness 2mm    Total Weight 465g  


Sold Out

Hattori Chinese Cleaver (VG10 Stainless Steel Blade)

Solid VG10 stainless steel blade (HRC60).
  Hand contoured Linen Micarta Handle makes perfect grip.
  You will see Hattori's quality works in every details of Hattori Forums Chinese Cleaver.


(8.4 inch)

Cutting edge length: 215mm Total Length: 350mm  Blade Thickness: 2.4mm Blade Width: 108mm
Handle Length: 130mm
Total Weight: 522g


Retail $558.00

Special Price  $390.00



Misono Chinese Cleaver (Molybdenum steel)
misono molybdenum chinese cleaver.jpg
  Smaller size Misono Molybdenum Steel Chinese Cleaver is designed for home chefs. Blade material is High carbon 13 Chrome Stainless Molybdenum Steel which has HRC58 and strong protection for rust. Handle is made of Bubinga Wood Handle
(7.4 inch)


Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 190mm Blade Width  95mm    Blade Thickness 2mm      Total Weight 320g







Available Now

Misono 440 Series Chinese Cleaver
misono 440 series chinese cleaver.jpg
  Misono 440 Series is Misono's highest quality line for Pro Chefs as Misono UX10 Series. Blade material is 16 Chrome  High Stainless Molybdenum steel (HRC58 to 59)
(8.6 inch)

  Chinese Cleaver

Blade length 220mm Blade Width 110mm   Blade Thickness 3mm       Total Weight 530g






Available Now

New!!Kurouchi Menkiri Knife (Soba-Kiri) gNoodle Knifeh
Men-Kiri 280mm (Soba-Kiri)

  Japanese gSobah Noodles are a Japanese traditional food with a long history. To prepare and cut the Soba, Men-kiri (or Soba-kiri) is a necessary tool and a Japanese traditional Special Purpose kitchen knife. For this, we bring you the reasonably priced Kurouchi Men-Kiri Knives.
  Traditional hammer-forged, Kurouchi-finished Japanese Carbon steel Blade with Natural Wood Handle. This is the first time we have introduced Japanese Soba-Kiri knives, and we recommend them for people who are passionate about making their own gSobah noodles, or people who would like to give Japanese Soba making a try.

Men-kiri 280mm
Blade length 280mm Blade Width 128mm   Blade Thickness 2mm       Total Weight 747g






 Available Now

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