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   Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa Series

  For the 3rd Series of JCK Original "Kagayaki", we have selected Carbon Steel blade knives with Japanese traditional taste "Wa Style", jointly worked with the talented Custom Knife Maker, Mr. Asai.

  "Kagayaki Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa-Bocho Series"

  Since the beginning of JCK business, we have been realizing the potential demands and popularities of the carbon steel blade even in overseas market. As you know, the Carbon steel blade requires extra care and maintenance. Because it gets rust and discolors easily. However, the experienced users including professional chefs prefer to choose and use Carbon Steel blade kitchen knives because of its great advantage for the sharpness, longer edge retention and ease of resharpening.

  Also, there have been many requests and demands for Japanese Traditional style Wa style knives such as Wa Gyuto, so it was one of our wishes to have a wide selection of the blades with Japanese Traditional Wa Style.

  For this new project, we have decided to work with Mr. Asai who has a great experience and technique in custom hammer forging and custom knife making in Takefu City where is famous as "Echizen Uchihamono" (Hammer forged knives).

  In order to satisfy the serious users to professionals, we selected the Japan's Highest quality Hagane "Aogami Super" for the blade material without any hesitation.  The Aogami Super has rich chemical compositions of high Carbon (1.40 – 1.50) with Chromium (0.30 – 0.50) and Tungsten (2.00 – 2.50) added for extra durability and longer edge retention.
  Mr. Asai's Custom Hammer forging process maximize the steel's character for blade core of Aogami Super forge layered with soft Iron for beautiful Damascus patterns. (HRC 63 to 64)

  Due to the hand forging process, the thickness on the tang varies on each model, but it tapers to tip consistantly for the best cutting performance. Double bevel edge 50/50 shape. 

kagayaki as handle.jpg

  The rare Octagon shaped Red Sandalwood handle with Black Pakkawood ferrule makes a precision grip and authentic Japanese Traditional taste and looks.


kagayaki as.jpg
 Wa Petty, Nakiri, Wa Santoku, Wa Gyuto, total 6 kinds are now available in Kagayaki Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa Series. We plan to expand this Series's selections in future. If you have any request or opinion for new size, new blade kinds, please contact and advise us.

 Since this series are custom made, the production is always limited. Once the items will become Sold Out, it takes approximate 45 days for the new batch to be available. Under this circumstance, we will try our best to keep the items available in our inventory for immediate shipping, but please allow some extra times to deliver, if sold out quicker than we planned.

PS: Kagayaki Aogami Super Custom Damascus blades are made of Aogami Super core forged with soft iron Damascus blade. There is possibility to get rust or discolor on whole blades. They are designed exactly for carbon steel lovers and serious users who demand Japanese Hagane's sharpness, edge retention and Japanese taste & soul.

 If you prefer easier maintenance, yet would like to try Aogami Super's cutting performance, we recommend one of our best selling products Hiromoto Aogami Super Series. Aogami Super blade core sandwiched with soft stainless steel for the extra durability and rust resistance. Blade core part has possibility to get rust or discolor, but outer stainless steel part has rust resistance.

 Notice about the blade spine thickness on Kagayaki Aogami Super knives

  In case of the hand hammer forging process, the spine near the handle remains thicker than normal knives, but it is hand tapered down toward the cutting edge and the blade tip by the experienced Forgesmith, Mr. Asai for the best cutting performance.

Notice About Master Asai and passionate forge-smith Master Yamamoto
  We regret to make announcement that experienced forge-smith Master Asai passed away with his age of 66 years old. His knives are always beautiful and have spirits and souls in inside. We miss him and his great works of fine knives.

  Master Asai selected the talented forge-smith Master Yamamoto to continue his business. Master Yamamoto is talented and passionate forge-smith who has been working with Master Asai and another famous forge-smith for over decades. We can feel same spirits and craftsmanship from Master Yamamoto and we are proud to continue selling these fine traditional hammer forged knives.

                  Edge Shape                          Information For Left Hander
Double Bevel Edge50/50     All models are suitable for both right hander left hander's use

About Knife Dimensions (Where we measure for the knife ?)

KAS-1 Wa Petty 120mm
kagayaki as petty.jpg


  Wa Petty 120mm
(4.7 inch)

Cutting edge length: 120mm Total Length: 250mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 32mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 81g


 Available Now



  Wa Petty 150mm
(5.9 inch)

Cutting edge length: 155mm Total Length: 280mm  Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Width: 32mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 85g


 Available Now

KAS-3 Wa Santoku 165mm
kagayaki as santoku.jpg


Wa Santoku 165mm
(6.4 inch)

Cutting edge length: 170mm Total Length: 305mm  Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Blade Width: 47mm
Handle Length:128mm
Total Weight: 123g


Available Now

 KAS-4 Nakiri 165mm
kagayaki as nakiri.jpg


 Nakiri 165mm
(6.4 inch)

Cutting edge length: 165mm Total Length: 315mm  Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Blade Width: 50mm
Handle Length:128mm
Total Weight: 148g


Available Now

 KAS-5 Wa Gyuto 210mm
kagayaki as gyuto.jpg


 Wa Gyuto 210mm
(8.2 inch)

Cutting edge length: 215mm Total Length: 375mm  Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Blade Width: 49mm
Handle Length:140mm
Total Weight: 163g


Available Now


 Wa Gyuto 240mm
(9.4 inch)

Cutting edge length: 245mm Total Length: 405mm  Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Blade Width: 51mm
Handle Length:140mm
Total Weight: 195g


Available Now

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